October 17th Update

Wow, my friends. God is just overwhelming me with His love and provision right now. He absolutely never ceases to amaze me. I feel my heart just overflowing and can't seem to offer up enough "thank-yous"!
I had such a wonderful time in Maryland and D.C. last week. I was amazed with all the beautiful trees and such great history! I was also tremendously blessed during my time on the airplanes. I met a couple of very interesting women, one who was a Christian from India who shared with me how God is moving powerfully there, and another who is actively involved with missions at her church and has adult children who are pursuing or are already living lives of serving God as missionaries overseas. I enjoyed both conversations so much and feel a renewed excitement to experience just a little of what Jesus is doing in another part of the world.
I found out more about what my duties will be as a boarding mom while in Botswana. I will be in charge of sixteen girls, all between the ages of 14 and 17, and will basically be in charge of making sure they make their beds, keep up with their studies, get to bed on time, etc. I see it as an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to build relationships with young ladies of this age, and I pray that He is able to use me in a powerful way to love on them and disciple them in the Lord.

God is teaching me so much about Himself and I just love my time in His Word. It seems that every time I open it, He has a new gem to show me. I feel His Presence with me so strongly right now. Thank you for your prayers, as I know so much of my joy and strength is coming through them. I hope and pray that you, also, are experiencing the incredible love of Christ that He so generously offers to each of us.

Here is a link to all of the latest updates from Love Botswana Outreach Mission: http://www.lovebotswana.org/fieldnews/currentfieldnews.html#4

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