A change of pace

The past two weeks have almost been like starting life all over again here in Maun. The kids are all gone and life is so very different! I went through a couple of days of just feeling kind of lost and really missing the kids. But God has opened up new opportunities and experiences that I wouldn't normally have when school is in session. Here is a recap of the past couple of weeks:
  • I have been busy helping Adrian, our IT manager, update our LBOM website, specifically with the staff pages. This project has not only helped occupy time, it's taught me new skills and enabled me to get to know lots of new people. (Feel free to check the staff pages out here.)
  • I have been house-sitting at another missionary family's house while they are out of town this week. I've enjoyed having all the extra space and being in a "home" again.
  • I apparently have a new pet! A cute little kitty began showing up at the hostel each evening last week and being the softie for animals that I am, I couldn't let her just stay outside the door all night! So, she began staying in with me and acted like she'd been there all along, just totally making herself at home. It was nice to have a little friend after all the kids left. God always provides in fun ways!
  • I LOVE having a vehicle!! I haven't driven all that much, but I love having the freedom to just jump in the car and drive to the grocery store or even to the other end of the mission plot. It's been interesting driving on the opposite side of the road, but it's turned out to actually be pretty fun! The challenging thing about it all is that I have to stay very alert to my driving. Not only am I trying to stay on the correct side of the road, at any moment a goat, cow, donkey, or small child can appear in the road and cause me to have to brake fast. It's a little scary, but worth it to be able to finally drive myself around!
  • One of my recent prayer requests was regarding feeling kind of lonely and in need of fellowship. Well, God has definitely answered that prayer! I have had some really fun times with my friends, Gary, Stacy, Angela, and KB during this break, including a serious domino competition last week. I am extremely disappointed to have to report coming in 2nd place, though! (Ok, maybe I am a little competitive...) In addition to that, getting to spend my days at the offices, I've been able to get to know many of the other people working at the mission and I see God really forming friendships with them. I am so excited about this and am very thankful for the quick answer to prayer.
  • Now that I am not eating every meal at the dorm, I am finally able to get my healthy eating/exercise routine going again. I am on a mission to be healthy again and this month provides the great opportunity to kick-start it. Things are going well and I already feel much better.

Thanks for your prayers and e-mails of encouragement and updates. It's so great to "stay in the loop" with what is going on at home. I have missed home more lately, probably due to having so much time to think about it. It helps to stay in communication so that I don't feel so far away. So, keep those e-mails coming. :)

Thanks so much for your prayers and support...you can't imagine how much it means!


Kristin Laughlin said...

Andrea -
I can't even remember now, how I came across your blog, and don't even know you, but wanted to let you know that I periodically check it and have prayed for you. Your heart before the Lord and availability to him have been such a witness and encouragement to me, a total stranger! Press on and may the Lord give you the rest and refreshment with him during these few weeks you have off!
Blessings, Kristin (not sure of your email...mine is

Hillary King said...


That is awesome that through your blog you are an encouragement and blessing to total strangers! What a mighty God we serve!

Lots of Love,