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Term break is now over, all the kids are back, and term two is in full swing. It was such a wonderful month-long break and I am so grateful for God's blessing of new friends. I loved having the time to really get to know people here, to fellowship, and to laugh! And I loved the weekly domino competition that took place during the break. Such a great time was had by all! You can find all the domino pictures, as well as any others from the break in the online album.

The kids began coming back on Sunday and what a treat it was to see them! It was a wonderful reunion with big hugs and lots of stories to tell. All the girls said they really enjoyed their time at home for about the first week...then they began to miss the hostel terribly. I told them that was exactly what I went through when I went off to college. It's great to have them back and I'm excited to see what all God does in their hearts and lives this term.

During Thursday's Bible study time, the girls and I will be going through the book, A Young Woman After God's Own Heart. Special thanks to my precious friends who donated and shipped these books from the States. I also had a sweet friend who had her sorority purchase journals for each of the girls and write personal messages and scripture in the fronts of them. I gave each of the girls their brand new book and journal on Tuesday and they were ecstatic! It was priceless to see the look on their faces at receiving such gifts sent with love. Thank you so much Abby, Melanie, Kelli, and Charlotte for making that happen!

Finally, I'm excited to report that the youth minister from my home church, Tyson, got his youth group on mission with us and together they sent close to 25 nice Bibles for the youth here who do not have one. The ones we have given out already have been very well received! The kids are so excited to have their very own nice Bible to read and use to get to know the Lord more. On that note, there are still several youth and even many adults around here who do not have their own Bible. If you make it by a used book store like Half Price Books or come upon a good sale at a Christian bookstore, good Bibles are needed and appreciated here! Just contact me if you need more details on this.

Prayer requests:
I would love for you to join me in praying that God would allow my new friendships to grow and that we would have "iron sharpens iron" friendships (Prov. 27:17) spurring each other on in our relationships with Christ. I pray for all the kids to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds this term and that God would give me wisdom in discipling them. And finally, I just pray for extra energy. I am finding the transition back to working all day to be kind of a tough one!

Looking forward to rejoicing with you in the awesome ways God continues to work here in Botswana!

Our domino crew
Dinner with my new friend, Angela
The girls showing off their new journals

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