"Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58

God has been really challenging me to put forth 100% into my girls right now. I think He is on the brink of doing something huge! One of the things He put on my heart recently was to create a discipleship group opportunity for those girls who are interested to go deeper into the Word and have an "iron sharpens iron" group atmosphere. In this group they would have a daily Bible reading assignment and would need to be ready to make some serious commitments. I put a note on our notice board about it and six girls said they were interested, but when we actually met on Wednesday evening, twelve girls showed up!

After our meeting time, I went to the girls individually and asked them just what their expectations were from the group and what about it spurred them to want to try it. The answers were amazing! Many of them said they really want to grow to know the Lord more. Two of the girls said they have a friend in school who they are trying to share Christ with but her response to them is always to remind them that they just became Christians themselves, so what can they really teach her. So the girls want to know more so they can share Him better. (Amazing!) Two of my older girls said they were most excited to hear all the other girls share about how God is moving in their lives and what He is teaching them, because they know that by listening to others share, that will encourage them in their spiritual growth. And another of my girls said she's been praying for something like this for a while now.

This week the girls were to read one chapter from the book of Romans each day and when we came together, we would discuss some of the main verses that struck them while they read. We met today and I was amazed at what I saw and heard! These girls are serious!! Even from the moment we started I could see it, as I asked if anyone wanted to open us in prayer and they all did, so we went around the circle and everyone prayed! After that, the girls really took over the group with each one sharing one or two verses from the first three books of Romans that stuck out to them and ministered to them. I was inspired by the wisdom and insight these girls gained while studying the Word. Romans has some pretty deep concepts in it and these teenage girls are getting it all! They are so very hungry, asking if they could please continue with their homework throughout the week-long break we have coming up, to which I responded with "of course!" At the end of our time together the girls broke into groups of two and shared with each other their personal prayer needs and spent time praying over each other. It's so beautiful to see these young ladies pouring out their hearts and praying for each other!

I just praise God for how He continues to pursue the hearts of these beautiful young ladies. I also am realizing that many of my struggles recently (exhaustion, homesickness, etc.) are the direct result of spiritual warfare. I pray to remember my spiritual armor from Ephesians 6 and to be diligent in pursuing holiness in my life. I pray that I would be a leader who is above reproach, pure in heart, and submissive to God's will for me and how He wants to use me. It's amazing for us humans to be able to be a part of God's plans in reaching every heart and revealing Himself to the world. It sure makes life have an incredible amount of purpose!

Thank you for praying for my girls and me as their leader. More exciting updates to come!

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