Toto, I don't think we're in Texas anymore!

Update: Sarah, a fellow missionary here, also wrote of this experience with additional information on the encounter. You can read her account here.

Just when I begin to forget I am living in Africa, something like yesterday happens. (And Mom and Dad, be forewarned that you will not like this post!)

I teach most of my day in the junior dome of school, where my standard 5 classroom is, but I teach two computer classes to form 1 (like 8th grade) students in the senior dome. I was teaching one of those classes yesterday before lunch and when I finished, I made my way back to the junior dome. What I discovered when I got there was one of my students yelling through a window to other students for them to come in through the window and I noticed that the passageway was blocked up. A closer look revealed a few men with guns (!) shooting inside the dome. As I reached the barricade, I realized why. A HUGE grey cobra snake was slithering away in the middle area of the dome...right outside my classroom!! I even saw it lift its head up and the neck come flaring out in anger as the men were shooting at it!

The good news is that no children were hurt (totally God's grace because ALL the classroom doors were opened!) and the snake was captured and killed. The bad news is that I am totally paranoid now! I never imagined that a snake would come into a building filled with children in the middle of the day. Crazy!! Had I been teaching in my classroom at that time, it could have been ME that first saw the snake...what would I have done?? I can honestly say that something like this never happened in all my teaching days in Texas! Yes, I am most definitely living in Africa! :)


moweezle said...

That completely reminded me of the snake that came in the classroom when I was teaching Bible class last year....they really like those domes :)

Honea Household said...

Yikes!!! So glad that everyone is safe though. When we lived in the Philippines, my sister and I came up on a cobra that was hooded at us. It was behind of coke cases under our carport. We walked very slowly inside and called and neighbor to come kill it. My dad was out of town! Scary!

You look great, by the way. I am so happy for you!

Life is Fabulous said...

So I feel like such a wimp. I was complaining about a gartner snake in my yard. You, my dear, are a champ!