Spelling Bee

Saturdays can get really long and boring around the hostel if we don't have things planned. We didn't have anything special planned for this weekend and I was still brainstorming some ideas as we watched the movie, "Akeelah and the Bee" yesterday afternoon, a movie the kids really love. As we were watching it, the thought came to me that we could have a boarding spelling bee. The response was mixed at first, but I ended up with 24 participants, half girls and half boys. I spent an hour searching the dictionary for the perfect words and had quite a bank of words to use for our "bee," which was held in my classroom and ended up lasting two hours!

I am happy to report that the first ever "Boarding Spelling Bee" was a great success. The kids were so sweet and encouraging to each other and everyone showed wonderful sportsmanship. When one of the boys beat out the last remaining girl and won the bee, I was proud to to see him walk over to her and shake her hand and tell her "Good job," just like in a real competition.

The top four spellers will be joining me this week for a nice dinner outing, which they (and me!) are very excited about. I'll be sure to post pictures of us all dressed up for our special victory dinner. :)


KSA said...

How fun it that. I am glad your spelling bee went so well. Although I am such a poor spelling I would have been reluctant to join in too.

Anonymous said...

That is great!!!! hehehe

Leah G said...

What a creative idea, Andrea! How fun!