Clumsiness and Girl Time

Here's another one to add to my crazy week last week. If you remember on a previous post, I admitted on #1 that I am a seriously clumsy person. night last week after checking my email at the offices, I was trying to quickly walk back to the hostel as it was beginning to rain. I didn't have a flashlight, was in a rush, and am a clumsy person by nature...not a good combination. One second I was walking upright and the next I was on the ground, having apparently tripped on something. No major injuries, just a small scratch and some soreness....or so I thought. After a few minutes it became clear to me that I injured one of my ribs, either with a painful bruise or a minor fracture. Now, a few days later, I am fully convinced that I have a small fracture. I know there is not much that can be done for rib injuries other than to take it easy, take pain reliever, and monitor it, so that is what I am doing. I also have to be careful not to laugh, sneeze, or cough too much. The last two are easier than the first. Try spending all day with kids and teenagers and not laughing several times, especially when they know you are trying not to....impossible.

On a bright note, Saturday night was "girl night" with some of us girls at the mission. We left a couple of the guys in charge at the hostel and then Keturah (the other boarding mistress), Kelly (co-children's pastor with husband, Matt), Camilla (intern from London here for 3 months), Serena (former summer intern/now here again for 6 months), and I went out for a nice dinner and girl time. It was wonderful! And we didn't even discuss work one time! :)

(From left to right: Camilla, Kelly, Serena, Keturah, and me)
Things have been better the past couple of days and I am sincerely praying for a smoother, blessed week this week...drama and injury free!

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