Amber has tagged me to share 7 random pieces of information about myself. Here they are:

1. I am a seriously clumsy person. Some of my friends have lovingly nicknamed me "The Clutz". You would be shocked at some of the crazy ways I have injured myself throughout the years. Probably the best story involves me breaking my collar bone in Germany because of an extremely avoidable bicycle accident.

2. I love, love, love music and especially love listening to it loudly with my headphones on. I love picking out all of the different instruments and sounds. I find it very interesting that despite this passion for music, I can't sing (this of course doesn't stop me from singing, which can be unfortunate for those around me...something my teenagers are quick to point out) and I don't play an instrument (unless you count me playing the violin from 5th-7th grade or the fact that I can drum the beat for the song, "Wipeout")

3. I am a horrible procrastinator and sometimes joke that "procrastinate" should be my middle name. I really do want to improve in this area...I think I'll start working on it tomorrow.

4. I absolutely and totally despise bananas. Don't ask me why, but thinking of them grosses me out. I also don't like carbonated drinks or really sugary candy.

5. I am a huge animal-lover and used to want to be a veterinarian. I changed my mind as soon as I learned I would have to euthanize animals. I then wondered if I could be a pet shop owner instead.

6. I am not a tv watcher. In fact I don't even own a tv and when I did own one in America, it was only for watching movies, of which there are only a few that I enjoy watching, mostly the sweet, inspiring ones. I would much rather be reading a book, spending time with people, or have music playing.

7. I once climbed a mountain in Alaska, which is an almost miraculous feat for me for several reasons (see number 1 for one of those) and was only accomplished because I was with my amazingly motivating and patient brother, who also tricked me into thinking we weren't actually going to climb the whole thing. When I realized we were, it was too late to turn around. Nevertheless, I'm now thankful that I can say that I did it...and lived through it.

I tag Abby, Aimee,Becca, Charlotte, Emily, Leah, Maureen, and Sarah. Enjoy!


moweezle said...

Thanks for tagging me, I had fun doing that! Ok, so that is awesome that you climbed a mountain in Alaska...go girl! Now you need to get down to South Africa and climb one there. They have some amazing mts too :)

Abby said...

I, too, am impressed that you scaled a mountain! My 7 were not impressive at all - just quirky.

Abby said...

You were there when I bungee jumped! I did it at South Padre when we were on Beach Reach :)