Interesting day

Today held some interesting surprises for me. When I got to my classroom this morning, I realized that the standard 4 class across the hall didn't have a teacher. The classroom teacher has been out and apparently there was some miscommunication about when she would be returning. Since we don't have a substitute system here, we just find ways to cover the classes when teachers are gone, so that was my job today.

For part of the day it worked out that at least one class would be out for music or languages and I could sit with the other, but for three hours this morning I actually walked back and forth between the classes being both a standard 4 and standard 5 teacher at the same time. It was a bit tiring but actually kind of fun! Fortunately both classes are pretty well trained and can work well independently. Here I am with my two classes today:
Standard 4 Class
Standard 5 Class

The other interesting part of my day happened as I was driving people home after work. One of the ladies lives off of a very sandy road. I've almost gotten stuck a few times and even got mildly stuck on Friday. Today I tried going a slightly different route. Bad decision. I got really stuck. Two men actually had to dig my tires out of the sand! I really wish I had a picture of that, but unfortunately I wasn't thinking about it while in the middle of the situation. Anyway, thanks to those wonderful gentlemen, my car was freed and I made it safely home in time for dinner. :)

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susan said...

super teacher! :)