Youth revival

In church today, it was mentioned about how God is doing such huge things among the youth of the church and the word 'revival' was used. Truly, I believe that is what is happening around here.

If only you could be here and see the youth as they pray and worship passionately during church...but it doesn't stop there! You can walk around here at just about any time of the day and find at least one teenager doing a Bible study or devotional, you can walk by the dorm room at night and hear a room full of girls praying together every night before bed, you can see a group of guys and girls sitting around talking about God and what He is doing around them. I am now hearing of the teenagers sharing about Christ with their classmates at school!

Last night two of my girls asked if they could use my classroom to lead a Bible study for some of the boys wanting to get deeper into the Word. I walked by the classroom several times and even listened in a bit. What I saw and heard were 16 boys and the 2 girls sitting around a table with their Bibles open, reading verse by verse and discussing what they were reading. At the end of the two and a half hour study, the kids were spread out around the room in prayer. I love what He is doing among these guys!

My prayer is that He will continue to move in the hearts of these teens and that He will give them burdens for those around them. I pray that they will draw close to Him personally and as a group, that they would dig into His word and pursue His heart in times of personal prayer. I pray that they would walk in His truth and in the power He's given us. I pray that each of them would be just beginning what will be a lifelong love relationship with Him. These are the future leaders of Botswana. Exciting, isn't it? :)

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