May 26 Update

Wow, life has been crazy lately! I just finished my last week of teaching and a huge chapter in my life is ending. I have loved teaching 4th grade these past eight years, and have especially enjoyed teaching in Leander ISD.

This time of year is always emotional for me, having to say good-bye to these precious kids that I have had the privilege of investing in for the past nine months. It is of course more emotional this year than in the past. After the kids left yesterday I had to close my classroom door and just have some time to reflect and mourn a little. My job now is to finish getting my classroom packed and cleaned and then check out on Tuesday.

I am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks and just having some time to rest and regroup. I have finally finished my support-raising letters and will send those out on Tuesday. I am excited to have the time to devote to Botswana preparations. I will start work again on June 12th (summer school and babysitting twice a week), which will be my new source of income. I am so excited at how God has set everything up for this summer. Scheduling has worked out perfectly and He's provided some great opportunities to make extra income. All of the money I make this summer will go towards paying off debt and saving for Africa!

Please keep checking back over the next couple of months, as I am sure I will have much to update you on. Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

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