Weekly Update...May 12

This month is such a bittersweet one for me. I am excited about the upcoming summer and a little bit of time to relax, along with being able to devote so much time to Botswana preparations. However, I am always sad at this time to say good-bye to these precious kids I have spent so much time investing in. It is especially emotional for me this year as I prepare to end a whole chapter in my life. I have loved living in Austin and teaching in Leander ISD for the last six years. I love my school, co-workers, and incredible students. I praise God for giving me the opportunity to live and work here for this long.

My summer calendar is filling up quickly! I will be house sitting, babysitting, teaching summer school, fundraising, visiting friends and family, and packing up my life! My lease expires July 31 and from there...it's walking by faith time! God has closed some doors for possible plans this fall. He has also opened a couple more. My heart's desire is still to be in Austin for much of the fall, substitute teaching and babysitting for income. In doing that, I will still be able to attend my church, see my friends and former students, and be in this city that I love. God has blessed me immensely with babysitting opportunities. I love this because I get paid to do what I love...play with kids!

My current prayers are for a definite answer from the Lord about where I should be this fall and where I would stay. It is so important for me to save money and pay off my student loan, so I am praying for a place to stay rent-free. I am praying for God's direction on whether that will be here in Austin or moving home to Seminole. I am also praying for clear direction on how to manage my time this summer with so much going on. Finally, I am continually praying for all of the upcoming changes in my life and that I would handle them with a joyful, positive attitude. No matter what changes occur around me, how much "stuff" I give up, or where I am physically located, Jesus is always with me, which truly is enough.

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