Weekly Update...April 29

Wow...does time fly or what?!? I cannot believe that May is just right around the corner! Things have been in high speed around here lately. Between ending the school year, finishing up my Perspectives class (which was amazing!!), and preparing for Botswana, things seem to never slow down! God is good, though, and He gives me the needed strength to accomplish all that I need to.

As far as updates, there really isn't much new to report on right now. Here's a little bit:
  • I have my first speaking engagement this Wednesday at a women's Bible study group. One of the women invited me to come and share my story and bring pictures. I am a little nervous, but know that everything will come together fine if I leave it all in God's capable hands.
  • I am beginning to really think about this summer and fall and what things will look like for me. I still don't have totally clear direction, but know that everything will come together. I am hoping to teach summer school and babysit this summer. As for the fall, I would love to be able to be here and substitute teach and babysit...the only issue is where I will be staying. God hasn't made anything clear to me yet, so I will continue walking by faith!
  • I am feeling a deep hunger for more intimate Andrea and Jesus time. With so much going on, that precious time has kind of been pushed to the back burner, which is the last thing I want to happen. I hunger for more of Him and pray for the time and discipline to find that extra time to just sit at His feet and fellowship with Him.

Thank you so much for walking on this journey with me! More updates coming soon!

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