Weekly Update....April 7

This week has been a mixture of encouragement and discouragement for me. So many emotions accompany a life-change like this one. I'm so excited at what's to come, yet the enormity of what I am leaving behind is also very real.

*The Perspectives class I am taking on missions is amazing! This week's readings were totally applicable to me and really confirmed many of the things God is doing in my life.
*God seems to send at least one person each day to give me a word of encouragement and support. It's so wonderful to share this experience with so many.
*I have been able to have pretty regular contact with many of my friends in Africa.
*I watched "Facing the Giants" and was greatly encouraged and reminded that nothing is impossible with God.

* This week I had a few "oh my gosh" moments as reality is setting in of what I am about to do and the many changes that are to come.

Prayer Updates:
* Summer/fall plans-I need God's guidance on where to live and where to work. Options are there...I just need discernment.

*Home for Hershey-I will sadly have to give up my cat, Hershey. I am very sad about this, but know God will provide a loving home for him.

*Fundraising-A few things need to be figured out before I can begin the fundraising process to raise the needed funds for my two years in Botswana. I just pray for God to work out all the details.

God amazes me...even in those "oh my gosh" moments, I still have an overwhelming peace about what He's called me to. There is such joy in serving Jesus and in just loving Him. May I not run ahead of Him, trying to figure things out for myself, but wait patiently and trust Him completely. I am hanging on to Proverbs 3:5-6 this week: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths." Amen!

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