Weekly update...April 22

I know I am a little behind on my posts...things are great, though! I am excited to report that God has blessed me with "sending agencies" for my future in Botswana. Frontline Missions International, headed up by Mike and Cheryl Johnson, is graciously going to partner with me on this journey. One of the biggest roles FMI will play is receiving any financial support that comes for me and taking care of the details needed for me to have access to that financial support each month. Cheryl walked me through the process that will be used and I am so impressed! Everything is so organized! I am incredibly blessed to be supported and sent by such a wonderful agency run by such godly leaders.

The other agency involved in my sending is my home church, Austin Stone Community Church. We are working on the details of this, but a couple of crucial areas where they will be involved in regards to my sending is with prayer and accountability support. I am so excited to have their partnership, as well. I am truly, truly blessed.

This week the class I have been taking, "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" will finish up on Thursday evening with a special commissioning service. This semester-long class has been absolutely amazing!! I am sad to see it end, but so grateful at all God has taught me through this course, most of which will be incredibly applicable as I serve Him in Botswana.

Looking forward to sharing more updates and miracles soon!

*Prayer updates remain the same as the last post for now.


Cheryl Johnson said...

I am excited and privilaged to be a part of it all!

JD said...

hello andrea - so glad i have anohter close friend who is becoming an avid blogger. will be in texas in less than 10 days! love! jen