March Trip Final Recap...3/31/07

It feels kind of weird to be writing from my apartment in the States. :)

I did make it home ok after a very long, long 30 hours of traveling. This week has been interesting...quite an emotional rollercoaster. I feel pretty adjusted now, though, and finally caught up on my rest. It takes a little while to readjust to everything, for sure.

I am so excited at how the scouting trip went and even more excited at what is to come! This week I signed the declination of my teaching contract for next year, making me officially unemployed as of August. It's kind of scary, but I am walking by faith, knowing that God will direct my every step. I am not totally sure what my life will look like from August through December, but I think I will probably be substitute teaching and babysitting while working hard at my fundraising and other preparations for my move in January.

Let the adventure begin! :)

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