March Trip Update #4...3/19/07

Dumela! I’m excited to report that I had a wonderful, blessed weekend and am excited for a great week!

Saturday night was so much fun! I had dinner with another single missionary-teacher here at the youth pastor and his wife’s house. Gary, the youth minister, is from Botswana and is so incredible with these kids. God’s used him in amazing ways here at this church. He just got married in January and his wife, Stacy, is so precious! We had a blast eating and fellowshipping, and I sense the beginning of a dear friendship with Gary and Stacy. Airynn, unfortunately, will already be gone by the time I arrive, but I have really enjoyed my time getting to know her as well.

Sunday morning was incredible!! I absolutely loved every minute working in the children’s ministry. We had a fun day with all of the children and youth ministry combined. We had different fun races and contests and the kids did a precious job leading in worship. I sat amongst the kids and immediately made some new friends. Two boys in particular, both 7 years old, became attached to me, going everywhere I went. I have several pictures with them in the pictures because they LOVED getting their picture taken. :) I can’t wait to share all the pictures from the wonderful morning!

Sunday evening I had a great dinner with the head administrator here and feel so excited and encouraged at the prospect of returning to work here. I can’t wait to watch God work out all of the details! Tonight I acquired a roommate that I will have for the rest of my trip. She just started with the mission working in the Mercy Ministries area. She is from Kenya and is absolutely precious. I am so excited to have someone to chat with in the evenings!

Today I had my first day in the school. I am working in a Standard 3 class (3rd grade), but also did some observing in Standard 4 and Preschool. There are many differences, of course, but also many similarities. I will wait until my next update to give you more information about the school. My favorite part so far is all the different accents. :)

As far as prayer requests go, I am amazed to see how God has been answering what I've been praying for. I am still petitioning God’s direction for the ministries I would be involved in here. I am also continuing prayers for my physical health and protection and internet communication. Other than that, I have really been praying for many areas of Botswana that I have learned about since being here. There is just so much to pray for in this country. I am diligently petitioning God’s hand to move among the people here. I am asking God to continue breaking my heart for the people of this land. I want to be very faithful to cover them in prayer. Also, the mission has had various little issues/complications arising lately that need God’s hand to resolve them. It can be easy for the missionaries and staff to become frustrated or discouraged when these things come up and I know that is exactly the enemy’s point. I just pray for God to overcome and work all the details out.

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