God is in the details...4/4/07

God amazes me in so many ways. One of these ways is how He works in the details of things. I forgot to share earlier a story that demonstrates this perfectly.

When I went to Botswana, I desired to bring back a small Botswana coin for each of my current students (about 55). I wasn't sure how I would get the coins, but hoped to find a way to get to a bank. I originally was going to get each of them 1 Pula, which is a larger, heavier coin, but later decided that I would just get one of the smaller, lighter thebe coins for each of them.

Well, one day I was at the grocery store in Maun with my new friend, Lets. When we got the register, we saw that the woman in front of us paid for her items almost completely with thebe coins. I asked the cashier if I could possibly buy them before she put them in the cash register. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts, but she let me. There were 70 thebe coins.

I have since really pondered on this and stand amazed at how intimately God is involved in our lives. He cares enough about the ministry I have with my students to put me at that grocery store, at that cash register, at that moment, just so I would have the little thebe coins I desired to give to the kids....and not only providing the number I wanted, but extra, knowing that other kids were going to come across my path (former students, teachers' kids) who would also desire one of the coins. Incredible....

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