June 14 Update

Life is officially in full-swing again! This week I began the juggling act of working multiple jobs. I am teaching summer school (more of a tutoring-type setting), part-time nannying, doing babysitting in the evenings, and still selling Avon. On top of that, I am still house-sitting...God has tremendously blessed me in all aspects of these jobs. I am so thankful for the amazing opportunities He's given me. Not to mention that I get to play with kids for most of the time I am awake!

God continues to absolutely amaze me daily just with who He is. I have enjoyed such precious time with Him these first few weeks of summer. He is encouraging my spirit in so many ways and giving me a whole new love for the Word. I cherish the time spent in Bible study and allowing Him to speak to me in such a powerful way. Today I was also ministered to in music. A couple of years ago, during a particularly tough season of my life, God encouraged and strengthened me in an amazing way through Natalie Grant's cd, "Awaken". Today I heard one of the songs on the radio, bringing back so many memories and prompting me to listen to that cd again. I just sat and listened to those songs that have ministered to me in such a powerful way and was absolutely astounded by Jesus. Just thinking of all the seasons of life and how constant and present He is for each and every one...reflecting on His unimaginable grace and unconditional love...it just causes me to stop and praise Him. How could there ever be anything else in life that could come close to the joy found in loving and being loved by Him?

As far as Botswana updates, I am excited to report that financial and prayer partners have come on board and I am amazed at God's provision thus far. There is still quite a ways to go, but He has encouraged me by reminding me of His faithfulness and that this is so much bigger than me. Thank you for your unique and special role in this amazing journey! More updates to come soon!

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