June 21 Update

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10
"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." James 4:8

These verses speak volumes to my life right now. I feel as if I am on a freight train, going a million miles per hour. If I look at the window, I see things zooming by...however, if I close the shades and sit down, I can still find peace and stillness amidst the speed of life. Time has been zooming by, taking me with it as I run from one place to the next all day long. However, I have never felt such peace and rest in the Lord's presence as I do right now. I crave the precious alone time I get with Jesus, as He always refreshes my spirit and blesses me with an abundance of peace and joy. I love all that He is doing in me at this time. I pray for you to also find an abundance of rest and joy in His presence as you continue to draw near to Him.

Each day that comes brings renewed excitement and expectancy for my move to Botswana. I love that country! (Have I mentioned that before??) I am overjoyed at the realization that in just six months I will be there and not have to leave after two weeks. I am so ready to love on those Botswana kiddos and to fellowship with and build relationships with the beautiful people of that land. I am anxious to see how God chooses to use me while there, as the possibilities are endless! Again I stand amazed at what God has done to bring me to this point and how He has worked each step of the way. Incredible!

Prayer requests:
  • Finances-Praise God for His provision through His people! Support raising is going great...we are at least a fourth of the way on monthly support and a third of the way with one-time donations. Amazing!! I just ask for prayers for the rest of the financial support to come in easily as God lays it on people's hearts to join the partnership in ministering to the people of Botswana.
  • Time management and rest-As God has continued to bless me with various jobs to bring in extra income, I find a need to be very wise with my time and to manage it in such a way that I maintain the needed energy for the jobs He's given me to do. It is vital for me to carve out time to spend with Him and to fellowship with others. It is equally important to take care of myself, especially with sleep...and to still find time to pack up my apartment! I pray that I would spend each minute of the day wisely...and that He would increase the number of hours in the day. ;)

I appreciate you all so, so much. Keep sending those prayer requests to me. I love being able to pray on your behalf. Thank you again for walking this journey with me!

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