August 20 Update

August has been quite the interesting month! I have had many great moments, along with some challenges this month. I have loved the trips I've been able to take to see family and friends and look forward to even more in the next few months.

I am so happy to report that I had my wisdom tooth successfully removed on Friday, with no complications. Healing seems to be going very well, which is a praise! Another huge praise is that I have spoken to the doctor again and he confirmed that the MRI looked very good. All muscles and tendons look fine and any that were injured have healed. The injury I still have is a fracture to the "greater tuberosity". I have learned that it is a small bump on the top of the humerus, which the rotator cuff muscle is attached to. It apparently was fractured by hitting the acromion (a bone above it) when my arm was jerked up. (I have definitely learned a lot about shoulders this month!) I believe it to be a total miracle that in that process the rotator cuff was not torn! In a few weeks I should see complete healing in my shoulder....what a praise!!

Through all of the little bumps in the road, God continues to amaze me with who He is. I've had such a hunger for Him and can't get enough of reading His word and listening to various sermons. He is teaching me so much right now. I am so thankful for Him putting such wonderful people in my life, as well as such a life-giving, truth-speaking church where I can grow in Him and fellowship with others.

Botswana is just a little over four months away!! It is time to start doing some serious preparations. I am heading to Seminole for a week to have my huge garage sale and then after that, it's Botswana preparation time in full gear! I have boxes to ship, paper work to complete, a plane ticket to purchase, a vehicle to order, things to research, and many, many prayers to say. January will be here before I know it!!

Support raising continues to go very well and I am incredibly humbled by the generous hearts of so many. At this time, there is only about 1/10 left to go in one-time financial support! This will cover my plane ticket, vehicle purchase, shipping costs, and various start-up costs when I arrive in Botswana. I am still needing a bit more in monthly financial support, but God has astounded me with His provision so far, so I have NO reason to doubt now.

Thank you so, so, so much for your amazing support, encouragement, and faithful prayers thus far. I'm excited because we've only seen the tip of the iceberg in all that God is going to do on this journey! I couldn't walk this journey out without you....please know how very appreciated you are!!

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Susan said...

praise God, andrea! SO happy to hear the good reports about the shoulder! whew! :)