August 8 Update

It's been pretty busy this past week with lots of movement. Now that I am no longer in my apartment, I am staying in a few different places, depending on the day. I have been so, so blessed with people who have opened their home to me and offered a spare bedroom to stay in when needed. I am kind of "basing" out of the Jones family home: a beautiful home in the country, surrounded with hills and lots of greenery. This will be Hershey's home for the next two years, so what a blessing it is to be able to be there with him to help with the transition. The Jones family has been overwhelmingly welcoming and made me feel like another member of the family. On nights when I have to be out after dark, either to babysit or do something for church, I am staying with my friends Stacy and Nere in a spare bedroom they have graciously offered to me. Eventually we will set into a routine and I will be used to my two new homes. For now I do feel a bit tired of the moving around, but incredibly thankful for the ways God has provided for me. My mom also brought up the point that I will really appreciate when I arrive in Botswana and am kind of settled again into one place. I have learned through this process that "home" is a relative term, and truly our home is not on this earth.

For the rest of August I will be traveling to see friends and family and then will be back to work in September as I begin substitute teaching and regularly babysitting. I am also very excited at new things I will be doing at church and time to devote to Botswana preparations. I have been in contact with the LBOM office and we will begin working on the remaining paperwork this month. It's all beginning to feel very real!

I continue to seek your partnership in prayer for the healing of my shoulder. I have felt so much better recently, but the past couple of days I have been feeling more pain. I think I will have it checked out again, but I pray that it will heal naturally without the need for any more medical intervention. I am also getting a wisdom tooth removed next week, which brings with it some additional anxiety. Needless to say, I am continually praying for lots of healing and financial protection at this time.

My other request for prayer centers on a constant hunger for Jesus. May I never become comfortable or take my time with Him for granted. I want to be so hungry for Him that I can't help but spend time with Him and in His word. I sense that this new season of my life is really going to center on spiritual preparation, especially as I prepare for my time in Botswana.

I praise God for so many things. I have been keeping a list of blessings and am amazed at all the ways He has blessed me just in the past week! I encourage you to do the same when you have a minute. You will undoubtedly be surprised at all the ways He has been blessing you without you even really noticing. (At least that's what I am seeing in my own life!)

Thank you again for your interest, encouragement, support, and partnership. We were not meant to live this life alone, but to live in mutual encouragement and support of all the ways God is using us and directing us. How exciting to be living this life alongside each of you!

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Melissa W said...

Andrea, thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts about your preperations. You have encouraged and challenged me in so many ways through this blog. Praying for healing and a smooth wisdom tooth extraction!