August 30 Update

Things have been pretty quiet around me the last couple of weeks as I've enjoyed some wonderful rest time with my family in west Texas. I head back to Austin tomorrow and will be back to work! (babysitting and substituting) I will also begin to diligently prepare for my move, which is now only four months away!!

Here are some quick updates:
1. My shoulder is almost completely healed!! I hate that I had to have the MRI, but I am thankful that I know exactly what is going on with the shoulder and understand how it is healing. What an amazing miracle that it is healing on its surgery or rehab necessary at all! Thank you so much for your prayers concerning this injury. Prayer works!

2. I heard from Love Botswana recently and learned that I will probably be teaching Standard 5 (like our second semester 4th/1st semester 5th grade). This is great since I am so comfortable with this age, after teaching 4th grade for 8 years! I need to plan to arrive in Botswana the first week of January with school beginning January 15th. It also looks like I will indeed be a boarding matron for some of the girls boarding at the mission. I will share more details about that as I get them.

3. I had my huge three day garage sale and was doubly blessed by obtaining finances to go towards my move and to have the opportunity to get rid of so much! It's a huge praise that it is finally over with. Yea!!

Prayer requests:
My prayer requests right now are simple really. I want to have a pure heart for the Lord. I want to seek Him more today than I did yesterday and fight the temptation to fall into complacency. I want to have an abundant, radical love for others, being fueled by His amazing love for me. I want to have a strong, solid faith in the Lord and all His ways. I continue to pray for the needed financial and prayer support as my departure date nears. I am also praying for emotional preparation to leave here for two years and constant physical protection so that I am in the best condition possible to do His work. May I be a vessel, useful for God's purposes and ready for all that He has for me to do, whether here in Texas or across the world in Botswana.

I pray that He continues to equip you and me both to allow our lives to be a daily witness of His amazing glory. What a blessing it is to be used for Kingdom purposes! And what a blessing it is to serve Him alongside one another. You are appreciated!!

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