January 24 Updates

Mail!!! I am so excited to report that I received my first package today, along with three cards! Mail like that is few and far between around here so everyone congratulates you when they see you got a package. It’s so cute! But seriously, it was so nice to have a little touch of home come to Botswana.

Week 2 feels like week 20! It’s funny because I feel like I have been living here for so long already, teaching these kids and living with these boarders for months. I guess it’s just because that is my main focus right now and what takes up most of my thinking. Regardless, on week 2 of work things are still so wonderful. The relationships with my boarders are flourishing. I love these kids! I just can’t get over how fulfilling this job is. I am around teenagers who are filled with energy and joy and aren’t afraid to let me into their worlds. My heart fills with more love for them every day.

My class continues to be great, too. I really enjoy the subjects I am teaching and of course just adore the kiddos. Even my older kids that I teach computers to are doing great. Working here thus far has just been full of things to be thankful for!

Sunday we had “Fun Sunday” at church where all the kids are combined (preschool through seniors) and we break into competition groups, come up with a war cry, color, and animal, and then have various competitions with each other. I am proud to say that my group came in second! There are many pictures from Sunday in my web album now, as well as some candids of the boarders and some more pictures of my students.

Healthwise, I am incredibly excited to say that I am healed! Not long after I posted a request for prayer because I wasn’t feeling well, I began healing. A day and a half later, I was completely cold-free! It is still going around the dorm, though. It seems like everyday another young lady or gentleman is knocking on my door for cough syrup or some other type of medicine. Such is the life of a ‘mother’ of 32! (One benefit I realized today, though, was having many hands to help bring in groceries!)

The only new request I really have is just for energy. A week and a half of basically working two full-time jobs is beginning to catch up with me and I am just not getting the sleep I need to. I love everything about what I am doing, but I do need to take care of myself more and take some time to rest more. (Not an easy feat!) I continue to ask for your partnership in prayer for the spiritual condition in the boarders and for me to be able to really build relationships with them and be a constant reflection of Christ to them. And may I never take for granted this amazing opportunity God has given me. Thank you for your prayers!

Here are a few new pictures from this week:

Me surrounded by kids at "Fun Sunday" at church on Sunday.
With two of my boarders, Ludo and Cherith.
Two of my sweet students, Billy and Fetsi.
My class saying hello to America!

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