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We started school on Tuesday and I LOVE it. I am teaching standard 5, which is like our second semester 4th grade/1st semester 5th. I love everything about it…the school atmosphere, the small class, the sweet, respectful students, the beautiful classroom, the freedom to have a devotional and pray with the kids…so many blessings! No matter how much I thought I might enjoy teaching here, I wasn’t prepared for how much I would really love it. I look so forward to getting into the classroom each day, and the kids also seem genuinely happy to be at school. There is quite a “family” atmosphere around here and things are so peaceful. I could go on and on, but I will just say that God has definitely answered prayers and blessed me abundantly! The only thing I am a bit nervous about are the two computer classes I will teach a week to form 1 students (8th graders). They can be a bit more of a challenge to teach than my little guys, so I am trusting God to equip me a little extra with them.

This week we release every day at 1:00, which is very nice. I am feeling pretty tired this week, so it’s good to get out early and have a little break before the boarders come home (they release a little later). The evenings are occupied with supervising the boarders (and playing UNO with them…since I taught the boys how to play, that’s all they want to do during free time!) The kids and I seem to be getting more comfortable with each other each day and are really settling into a routine. All in all, boarding seems to be going really well...I think the only mishap so far was one of the girls getting stung by a scorpion her bed!

I am thrilled that tonight I will have the first Bible study for the girls. (It will be at 8:00 p.m., which is noon there. If you read this before then, I’d love to have your prayers!) God led me to some great scripture to share with the girls tonight. I am praying for them to have open hearts and for us to bond more as we have our time together. After reading the answers to the questions on a "getting to know you" paper I gave the girls, I see that many of them are desiring to grow in their relationship with the Lord, which is so awesome! A few of them even asked me if I could help them grow closer to Him. The ministry opportunities have definitely started!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Even amidst the feeling of incredible peace I have here, I still have moments of missing home and the people there. I also have times where I feel a little overwhelmed. Last night in fact I had one of those times. So your prayers are still needed and appreciated so much. And please keep in touch and let me know how YOU are doing. Here are a couple of pictures from school of my kids and part of my classroom:

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I know its a little late BUT I want you to know encouraged we are on the state side Andrea!!! Hearing you talk about your girls and the joy God has given you in teaching!!!!! ahh!! I cannot praise Him enough! Know that just reading you blog this morning is a blessing to me and ministering to my heart and life!!! I love you girl and can't wait to read more!! I'll be praying over your health and lonely times!! ;)