My Heart Overflows

Tonight my heart is so full with love for all my kids, and I wanted to take a minute to let you see a little of why I love them so much. Here are a few examples of how precious they are:
  • The other day I answered a knock on my door and found Orelebe there with a candy bar and a poem that she'd written for me, telling me how much I mean to her.

  • In the mornings before the kids go to school, they stop to tell me if they have a test that day so that I will do a little cheer for them (Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar...all for the test-takers, stand up and holler!) They then come and find me at the end of the day to tell me how they think they did.

  • Today I was having kind of a rough afternoon and wasn't in the best mood, but then I went to dinner and found that Modiko had a package of ground coffee that he had bought for me on their town trip today, just because he knows how much I love it.

  • A few minutes later, three boys brought me a candy bar and two packages of cookies that they know I love and had bought in town.
  • At "Fire by Nite" when the words to "Totela Bayaweh" came on the screen, the kids turned around and smiled at me because they know how much I love that song (I sing it all the time!)

  • Right after worship time, a group of four girls came up to me, gave me hugs, and said, "Did you hear your song tonight?" They then sang it with me as we danced around.
  • I felt such a sadness in my heart as I thought about what life will be like when the term ends and the kids leave for a month. What will I do??

  • Walking back to the bus surrounded by teenagers and a big smile on my face, I took a minute to take in the moment and realize just how much I love these kids. My heart really is overflowing! Even at the end of a week that held sadness, frustration, and fear, I end it full of love and joy and such an incredible excitement for where God has placed me.

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Wei said...

oh hon, i'm glad God has put these ones in your life and will put others in your life too while they are away. are you able to worship God personally and be comforted by him? love you, dear friend. wei