Well, after posting about various "bumps in the road" and small trials, I am so excited to report on something wonderful!!

A few weeks ago at my first "Fire by Nite" youth service, I was one of the prayer partners and a sweet young lady came to me to tell me she had been making some bad choices but really wanted to get her life right with God. We talked and prayed together and I really haven't heard any more from her until yesterday. She stopped me at school yesterday and asked if she and a friend could talk to me some time today. So, today I met with her and her friend. The young lady I had prayed with told me that since she had felt comfortable sharing with me at Fire by Nite, she wanted to bring her friend to talk to me, too. Then the friend proceeded to tell me she'd been making some wrong choices and confessed some things to me. She told me that she didn't feel good about these things and she wanted to tell me about them and she also wanted to become a Christian. Wow!! Because we were out of time, I told them to meet up with me again at lunch time and we would finish talking.

God's timing is so perfect because today is a day where I have a long break before lunch. Therefore, I had time to go home, pray, write down scriptures, and get some things together to give to her. When we met at lunchtime, God was right there in the midst of us. What a beautiful experience it was for me to hear her read scriptures out loud and then explain to me what she thought they meant. I was then able to explain more to her and we had a time of prayer where she confessed her sins to the Lord and told Him she wanted to make a commitment to live for Him and be a new creation beginning today. It was amazing!!! We ended our time together with me asking her to also find Pastor Gary and tell him about her decision. She smiled sweetly as she agreed. When I saw him later, I told him someone should be coming to talk to him and to let me know if she did, but I didn't tell him who it was. It was wonderful at dinner tonight when he told me that this young lady had come up to him and joyfully told him she'd given her life to Christ today. So AMAZING!!

This week she is going to read certain verses every day and journal about them and what God is doing in her heart. Then the two of them and I will meet next Monday to talk again. I would absolutely love it if you would join me in praying for these two precious young ladies and their commitments to Christ. I pray that God speaks to them in very real ways this week and gives them the strength to turn from their old ways. I pray for wisdom on what to talk to them about next Monday and and how to best disciple them in the Lord. I really hope to meet with them regularly, at least for a while. I'll keep you updated, but for now, just praise God with me for His incredible work! What a tremendous blessing to get to witness this! My friends, THIS is what it's all about!!


Anonymous said...

omg Andrea!!!!!! I love hearing this!!! I will try to remember you and both of these girls in my prayers!! and you are so right, that is what it's all about!! I love you!!

♥Tisha♥ said...

This is definitely what you're there for! :)

Airynn said...

This is so hard for me to read but I am blessed you are there being a blessing. Everytime I look at your pictures or read your posts my stomach turns in knots and I get choked up. It's so hard. I miss it every second of every day. Be a blessing!