What is a sunburn?

I just have to post this conversation that I had with three boys tonight. I played basketball with the kids all day today and ended up with a pretty bad sunburn on my face. Here is the reaction of three of my boys:

Boys: "Miss, why is your face red?"
Me: "I got sunburned."
Boys: (with a quizzical look) "How did it happen?"
Me: "I was in the sun too long and it burned me."
Boys:"Will it go away?"
Me: "Yes, probably in a couple of days, but it may peel a little on my forehead and nose."
Boys: "Peel? Really?? That's weird!"

This conversation cracked me up! I guess some things we just take for granted that everyone knows. I think both the kids and I learn something new every day!

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Abby said...

That is sooo funny! Do you remember how bad I burned at Beach Reach '99???? I think I lost 6 layers off my shoulders!