Birthday in Botswana

My first birthday celebration in Botswana was really a great one! My boarders are the most precious kids in the whole world, I've decided. I woke up to a cute birthday sign on the message board and many knocks on my door from the different girls with cards they had handmade (and spent tons of time on!) and little gifts they had bought me. When I went outside for breakfast, all 41 of the boarders broke into the birthday song. Then all day whenever I would see them, they would tell me "happy birthday"...even if they'd already told me several times today! We ended the day with a wonderful cake that Rhonda, the principal, had ordered, had fun taking pictures, and then I got some good girl-time with the girls in their room. To top it all off, every time I've signed into the computer today, I have had new, sweet messages from people back home. I realize that I am such a very blessed person. I spent a little time this morning just thinking about all that God has given me and where He has led my life. I am so very, very, very thankful.

P.S. A little extra birthday present was that finally, after three weeks without hot water, we got it back today! Yay!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andrea! I hope you had a great day. You are a wonderful person and a Christian inspiration to many including me. Aimee and the boys say hi and Happy Birthday!

Stacy said...

drea, i am so glad you were able to celebrate your birthday so WONDERFULLY!!!! thanx for posting those pictures too. that cake makes me hungry!