Easter in Namibia

I am just a few short hours from leaving Botswana with about forty-five youth and five adults to head to Popa Falls, Namibia for a four-day youth camp/mission trip. I am excited to see a new place and to have the amazing opportunity to watch our youth ministering to people of another country. They will be going hut-to-hut to invite people to come and watch "The Jesus Film," as well as sharing the gospel and their testimony with people. The title for this weekend is "Change Agents" and the key verse is Matthew 28:19-20. The kids will hear various people sharing messages and will have numerous times of worship, as well as some really fun activities sprinkled throughout. I'd love to have you pray with us for the weekend. Here are some key points:
  • Travel safety, especially Friday and Monday
  • God's preparation of the hearts of the people we will minister to in Namibia
  • For God to equip all of the youth who are going and to really take them to the next level with Him
  • For a special bond between the youth who are going and that the bond and passion for God would follow them back home, influencing others who weren't able to go
  • My time of speaking (Saturday night) when I speak on the topic of us serving a "Missionary God". I pray that He opens the kids' hearts to see God's perspective on the people of the world and His calling for us to go to share with them

Thank you so much! I'll post pictures and details from the weekend when we return. I hope you have a very happy, relaxing, and blessed Easter!

"Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen!" Luke 24:6

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Anonymous said...

I love you Andrea!!! and miss you so much!!