African Robots

I had a funny moment recently with one of my boarders. I was driving her to the bus stop when we started talking about how nice it was not to have much traffic. She was telling me about all the traffic there is in Gaborone, the capital city. She said when you are in traffic there, you are just hoping to be on a road with robots. I then asked what a robot was. She said, "Miss! You don't know what robots are?!" I said, "Well, when I think of robots, I think of like mechanical people or some time of machine. But what are you talking about?" She then responded with, "Well, they are tall, metal things that have red, yellow, and green lights." I interrupted with, "You mean stoplights?!" and got her response of, "Yes, stoplights! Also called robots!"... Just one of the many awkward conversations I find myself in here, mostly relating to vocabulary differences. Oh, how I wish I had my video camera going at these times!

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