Prayer for Zimbabwe

Please say a prayer for Zimbabwe, a neighboring country to Botswana and home to many of my friends here. The situation there is not good at all and my heart breaks for the condition of that country. I was pleased to see the word getting out when I logged on to today and saw the top story was about Zimbabwe and the violence going on right now surrounding the re-election. You can go here to read the cnn news article or here to read an article on It just breaks my heart and it's hard to feel so helpless when such things are going on so close to you and you can't do anything about it, especially when so many around you every day are carrying the heavy burden of this being their home country where their families and many friends still live.

In my classroom we pray for Zimbabwe every day and my boarders and I pray for the country every week at our Bible study. Could you take a bit of time and pray for them also, for Mugabe's leadership to end, for the violence to stop, and for Zimbabwe to be restored to the beautiful and prosperous country it once was. Thank you so very much.

For more information on Zimbabwe now and what it used to be, you can go here.


Airynn said...

1. Zimbabwe is all in the news this side too. Everyone is talking about it. One of my friends is actually there right now as a missionary for 3 months! He is so passionate about that country and its nice since I have stayed there a few times, I have a heart for it too! Keep people updated-- for others who don't know!

2. A couple days ago you wrote about bible study in your classroom. I am really blessed to see that OIS is allowing you to do that as when I started I was told I had to be careful. I am glad they seem to be moving in a positive direction! Prayer works!

Andrea said...

Amen to that Airynn! I love having the opportunity to pray with the kids. It's such a blessing and a highlight in the day for all of us!