Seeing changes

I just have one thing to say tonight...WOW!!! I just finished up bible study with the girls and I am still feeling totally blown away! It was by far the best study we've had, and the funny thing is, we hardly stuck to the study at all! Typically at our studies, I have a hard time getting most of the girls to open up. They are great listeners and a few of them will ask questions or even come to me privately to talk about something more in depth, but rarely do we get a really good discussion going with the girls. Well last week we spent a large majority of our time going around and each of us sharing at least one thing that was burdening our hearts so that we could each pray for each other over the week. I don't know if that broke the ice or what, but when these girls came to study tonight, they were ready to talk! From the moment we started, hands were raised all over the circle with all kinds of questions that are on their hearts. These questions ranged from "How do you really hear God speaking to you?" to "How to do you handle feelings of anger towards God after you've lost a loved one?" to "What if you've prayed about something and waited but still don't feel God's direction?" It was an intense discussion time to say the least. But the most absolutely amazing thing about it all was that before I was able to answer any of their questions, there was almost always someone else in the group who raised their hand to share their thoughts and experiences to help answer the question. How wonderful to see these girls teaching and encouraging each other!!

I am so amazed at what God is doing here. Even Tendai said the boys' bible study was incredible tonight. Thank you for your prayers! They are really working!!

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emily said...

awesome!! I think it's those times when you trail off of the bible study into random topics that can be the most powerful conversations! I've seen that in my bible study too. God uses it and it sounds like He is doing amazing refining in those girls! It's exciting!