2008 in Review

I've seen on a couple of other blogs this "year in review by pictures" idea and love it! So here are a few of my highlights from 2008:

January: Beginning my life in Botswana and falling in love with all of the sweet kids!

February: The Valentine's Day Formal Dinner and seeing the teenagers all dressed up

March: Celebrating my birthday in Botswana and going on an amazing mission trip with the youth to Namibia over Easter weekend

April: Ending the first term of the school year, getting my vehicle, and meeting my beautiful god-daughter, Baby Tshepiso Pelotshweu

May: Building new friendships and having competitive fun at weekly domino nights

June: Celebrating "The Day of the African Child" and loving all the beautiful clothes!

July: Celebrating the 4th of July and going on an awesome road trip with Gary, Stacy, and KB to Selebe-Phikwe and Francistown

August: Ending term two and going to America for my sister's wedding, as well as getting to catch up with family and friends back home

September: Celebrating Botswana's Independence Day

October: Teaching the boys about American football and getting some of them to become Texas Longhorn fans!

November: An amazing trip with Gary, Stacy, and Angela to Selebe-Phikwe, Serowe, and Gaborone and celebrating Thanksgiving with my class and new friends/family at the mission

December: Ending my first school year in Botswana, saying good-bye to too many friends, celebrating Christmas away from home for the first time, and bidding farewell to 2008, a year filled with so many blessings

Happy New Year to you! May 2009 be a very blessed one for us all! :)


Amber said...

You have had a crazy year, girl! I was thinking back over this past year too, and January feels like forever ago! It is hard to believe that all of the things that were a part of 2008 were less than a year ago! Happy New Year to you! I hope 2009 is as blessed and memorable for you as 2008!

Brittney said...

Praise the Lord for a fantastic and FULL year. I am sure this one will be filled with incredible challenges and blessings as well. Praying for your new semester with the students you will impact. Keep running the race marked out for you!!!! Love you friend!

Jeannine said...

I enjoyed reading all the way through your blog. (I admit to being a skimmer sometimes!) I'm glad that you are still enjoying your time there.