Blessings from home

I love my home church so much. I love the heartbeat of the church and all that it stands for, and I especially love the members of this amazing church body. Throughout this first year of living and serving in Botswana, I have felt so loved by my church family. Today when I went to my mailbox, this is some of what was waiting for me:

What a treat to find all these treasures in my mailbox! The most amazing thing about it, though, is that the majority of these cards are from people I've never met. At Christmas time, The Stone gives out addresses for their missionaries serving overseas, and they encourage others to send Christmas cards to bless and encourage them. I've thought this was a wonderful idea since I heard about it, but I could never have imagined how much I would love and appreciate them coming! These cards were filled with so much love, encouragement, and scriptures that ministered to me. I loved opening and reading each one and carried them around with me the rest of the day. :) Thank you to each of you. You really blessed and ministered to me today!

In addition to those special cards, I have also received wonderful cards and packages from my parents, friends and other family over the past few weeks, bringing sweet blessings from home. These have meant so much to me and helped me to feel not quite so far away from home this Christmas season. Thank you so much!


Sarah W said...

Wow, that's wonderful!!! I got four in my box yesterday and I think that's the most mail that red box has ever seen!! I've enjoyed having you close these past few weeks.......not ready for you to move to the dorm again. :(

Anonymous said...

Aweee, thats so great! Getting mail is the best, specially during the holidays!

Andrea said...

Sarah-I totally relate. I almost fell over when I opened up that red box. The cobwebs were even gone!! :) And I'm going to miss you too...we'll just have to find time for coffee dates even after the kids are back!
Maureen-100% agreed! There's something about having a card in your hand that was sent from home. I love it!