A new school year begins

Things are definitely back to high-gear around here! Between moving in and spending every day with 64 teenagers and teaching my 20 students at school, life has gotten very interesting again! Of course I absolutely love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. :)

Last weekend Keturah, the new boarding mistress and I, welcomed our 32 girls, along with the 32 boys moving into other boarding houses. It's been a lot of fun getting to know them all and working together to establish a new community/family. The challenges have been minor and overall, it's been a successful first week so far.

Also, this year at school I am teaching standard 5 and 6 in one, so I have my students from last year who I absolutely adore, along with the sweet new standard 5 students. With 20 students, my class is more full than last year's class of 12-14, but it is still very manageable. We've had a great first week of lessons and I think we are all really excited about this year!

My internet situation has been tedious lately, as the internet at the dorm hasn't worked since I moved back in. With my schedule so packed all day long, time to get to the offices to get online has been very limited. Because of this, I have not been good with staying connected with friends and family lately. I apologize for this and just ask for your prayers for the internet situation to be sorted out soon. I also covet your prayers for God's wisdom and love as I begin to build relationships with so many new children and teenagers. I pray that His light shines brightly through me and that I may be His hands and feet to all of those around me.

I'm so thankful for the chance to be doing His work here, and I look forward to posting more updates and pictures soon!


moweezle said...

Wow! You definitely have your hands full....I'm glad to hear the school and borders are growing! That's so great!!!

Kelli said...

HI Andrea...so happy for you. -kelli

constance said...


i will be praying for you and this new school session. thanks for the pictures of your precious kids.