Good-byes are hard

Boo. That's how I feel about good-byes. I love hellos, but good-byes...not so much. Especially when you're not sure if you will see the people again. Ugh. So hard. I am going to miss these kids and my Botswana "family" so, so much. Much more than I can put into words. There has already been a lot of tears and I know many more are to come. With every tear of sadness that this season of my life is ending, I also offer up thanksgiving for having had this opportunity at all. What an enormous blessing it's been!

Just four and a half more days now, all of which will be filled with many emotional good-byes. But I leave with a peace, knowing that God brought me here, He helped me start a life here, put many incredible people in my life, grew me in so many ways, and did over and above all that I expected/hoped for. With that knowledge also comes the hope of things to come. Just as He led me here and blessed me so abundantly, He now will lead me into the next season where many more blessings are waiting, beginning with all of the exciting hellos I get to have in just one week. :)

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