Field Trip

Before the year ended, my class had the opportunity to go on one last field trip together to a nearby safari lodge. We traveled about 30 minutes outside of town and then were able to enjoy a nice walking safari, where we saw lots of animals: zebra, giraffe, ostrich, horses, and sprinkbok. Here are some pictures of our day:
Loaded up on the bus and ready to go
Halfway there we were able to switch to safari trucks

I was so excited to see zebra!

Hanging out before our walk

We all loved this cool tree

Heading out on the walk

A couple of students and I getting a tour of some of the fancy lodging

They loved the outdoor showers

Learning from the great Dougie

Learning about this old tree
Mason's fun find!

Ostrich eggs


One last ostrich on our way out

Heading back to school after a long day

The class

We enjoyed our day so much and were grateful for one last outing together. Not to mention getting to see some fun animals! :)


Speaking Soundly said...

I love these pictures!!!! Please, please keep blogging even though you're back home now! :)

Andrea said...

Thank you, Tisha! Don't worry, I have lots of blogging catch-up to do, so there will be lots more coming! :)

Botswana Lodge said...

Those pictures speak a thousand words. Great pics!