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One of the things I'm most excited at having been involved with is the youth leadership team I helped lead with Matt and Kelly. This was a group of eleven young men and women, both boarders and non-boarders, who we saw incredible leadership potential in. During the last three months of the year, we met with this group every other Saturday for two hours. During that time we ate lunch, shared testimonies, and took turns teaching and discipling this young group. We always left the meetings feeling encouraged and challenged by these amazing teenagers.

Probably the greatest experience with this leadership group was the Friday we let them run Fire by Nite, the weekly youth service. They literally ran the whole night, from music selection and leading in worship, to games planning, sharing testimonies, and even preaching! The whole night Kelly, Matt, and I stood at the back, watching the night unfold with huge smiles on our faces and such love in our hearts. As Kelly states in her blog about the night, we felt like proud parents. And the Lord moved in a powerful way that night, as many of the teenagers ended the night in tears of repentance and some of them making their first decision to follow Christ.

I will miss those kids so much. I am extremely proud of them and know that God will continue growing them and using them in powerful ways with their peers. There are plans this year to continue the group and even add to it, which is very exciting!

Here are some pictures from our last leadership team meeting:

the leadership circle

sweet girls

camera shy :)

more sweet girls

such a character!

fearless leaders

our sweet picture

the true personalities come out!
I praise God for this group and look forward to hearing many more testimonies of all they are doing and their amazing leadership in Christ.

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