This helps

The last couple of days have been emotional ones for me for some reason. I just find that I am really, really missing all of my kids in Botswana. It might have been printing off a bunch of pictures from my camera this week and looking through them all that did it, but whatever it is, I just find myself aching lately to hug those kids or even just to hear their voices. Since I can't really do that, I find that it helps for me to pray for them and to talk about them to others.

So, if you see an increase in blog posts over the next couple of days, know that it is really helping me in this emotional transition. And if you have still been keeping up with this blog, thank you for your interest. It warms my heart that others are interested in Botswana and want to hear about the precious kids there. Of course I ALWAYS love to talk about them! :)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! U need to do it!!! I still look through old pics of my first kids back in Rio, and talk about them too :) They are a part of u!

Andrea said...

Yes! I feel the same way about my students in the States too. Such a blessing to have the opportunity to build relationships with kids!