Christmas at OIS

Last week we had "Christmas at OIS" where the primary school had a fun celebration with singing, dancing, awards, and receiving gifts.

Mason opened the celebration in prayer

The Standard 1 class performed for us

Each teacher gave out awards

Most of my class with their awards

A fun dance from the young kids

Precious little girls!

My student, Shattie, sang a solo

We ended the day by giving out Samaritan Purse Christmas boxes and the kids were thrilled!

We all had a great time and feel like the Christmas season has officially started. :)


Anonymous said...

what food do people in botswana eat for christmas because im doing a project for school hope you hade a great time

Andrea said...

They eat beef or chicken, cole slaw, rice, beetroot, and maize meal. That's all I know about for sure. Good luck on the project!