Water...Check; Electricity...Check; Internet...Check; It's going to be a good day!

Day-to-day life has been interesting around here lately. For a few weeks it was an almost daily occurrence to wake up and find that we didn't have any water. Nothing like a cold sponge-bath to put you in a good mood in the morning! :)

As soon as the water situation was sorted out, internet became an issue. I have had trouble for weeks now being able to access the internet from my room. Because of this, I mostly had to go to the offices to send emails and things, which on an end-of-the-term teacher/boarding mistress's schedule is pretty hard to do. (I am so sorry if you have sent an email and I haven't responded yet. I am getting all caught up this weekend, though!)

And the latest issue has been electricity. For the past week we have lost our electricity at school and at the boarding hostel every day or evening for hours at a time. This means doing everything in the dark, just using one flashlight. (Since we lost or broke the other ones at the hostel, all 12 girls and I were sharing mine!) And if I wanted to dry my hair or iron my clothes in the morning, I'd have to go to someone else's house on the plot to do that. Not only that, it meant a few mornings without coffee. Yikes!

Oh, and scoripions? Check. I've killed five in or around my room in the past two months! Not to mention the two HUGE ones that were killed around here this week!

The good thing is that today we have perfectly running water, the internet is working great in my room right now, and the electricity is going strong...and no scorpions today! I pray that it stays this way for a long, long time to come. :) One good thing that's come out of this, though, is that I have learned how to appreciate these things that I have so often taken for granted before.

(Now that my internet looks like it is up and running, I should be posting lots of pictures and updates in the next couple of days!)

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