Missing these guys...

This is a picture of the Walker Family (except for Michael, who's taking the picture) and the Pelotshweu family. These guys have been my family during my first year in Botswana. God ordained a beautiful friendship with Gary, Stacy, and Angela long before I even moved here. Thanks to the internet, we were able to stay in contact after first meeting during my scouting trip in March 2007. We were all excited about me arriving in Botswana so we could finally hang out in person!

If you've followed my blog at all this year, you have most likely seen Gary and Stacy's names many times. This past year they have been my best friends, ministry partners, my domino/phase 10 playing partners, co-boarding parents, and people I feel completely comfortable being myself around. Time with them would always include a)laughter, b)talking about the Lord, c)smack-talking between Gary and I, and d)encouragement between each of us. They have blessed my life in so many ways already, and added a special blessing to my life by asking me to be their daughter, Tshepiso's god-mother. I miss that little girl terribly already, but consider it an honor to pray for her from afar. I'm so thankful that she has Gary and Stacy as her parents and look forward to seeing the strong, godly woman she will grow to be.

Stacy's sister, Angela, was my first roommate here in Botswana. We only actually lived together the first couple of weeks I was here, but she was a wonderful blessing to me during that time. She has also become a sister to me this year and I've especially loved our intense domino competitions. In the beginning it was always guaranteed to be an 'A' champion...until Gary and Stacy began their team-cheating, of course. :) I am thankful that she will be returning later next year and we can have a few more months of hanging out before I move back home. (Hurry back, Amashi!)

The Walkers are a very, very special family who immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable here at the mission. I appreciate and respect their wisdom and love for Christ and others so much. I learned a lot from this family by watching them the past twelve months. Their love for each other is incredible to watch and anyone can feel that love after spending just a few minutes with them. Their kids are amazing and will most definitely become great godly leaders.

I will (and already do!) miss each and every one of these guys so much. There is a huge hole left in their absence, felt by every person who's lives have been touched by them. But I know that God has moved them on to the next season of life and has great plans for them all. I also know that our friendships will continue across the miles, which I am very grateful for.

I love you guys!! Thank you so much for your amazing friendships!

You can keep up with The Walker Family at their blog, and The Pelotshweu Family at their blog.


megat said...

your blog very beautiful and more info ,make me excited. Congratulation!!.I come again

Erin said...

It's so wonderful that you have people like this in your life.

I miss them and I don't even know them :]