A scary find

Living here at the mission with so many Americans and westernized living, it's easy to kind of forget I'm in Africa. But then I have those moments where I am sharply brought back to reality.

Today, for instance, as I was relaxing with my book, one of my boarders comes to tell me that he's found a huge puff adder snake and that Lawrence and Pastor Jerry were working to kill it. When I went to see this myself, I found that the snake was right next to the school and not that far from the hostel. On top of that, I walk that exact path several times a day, even just half an hour or so before that!

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for the weak-stomached) I didn't get a picture of the dead snake, but I did find an interesting article. After reading this I felt so reassured! (Haha!) Also, here is a picture I found on the Wikipedia article.

Please continue saying prayers for all of our safety here. We're always needing them!


Its just me said...

Snakes are so scary...we have found 2 snakes on our property in the last week!! They werent as big as the one in your path but scary still!

Stacy said...

puff adder...crazy! you are protected, girl.