Back in Botswana

I'm sorry to be brief, but just want to let you know that I am safely back in Botswana now and enjoying a wonderful time with my dear friend, Stacy, who travelled back here with me. We've had a great time and I can't wait to post some pictures. She leaves Wednesday and I find that I'm already feeling really sad about it!

Please can you join me in praying that my vehicle will get fixed soon. It has not been working since February and there is apparently all kinds of trouble with finding the right part that's needed. I was so disappointed when I returned to find it still not operating. I am also still waiting for the internet to be fixed at the dorm, which is why I haven't been posting many updates or pictures. I hope to do that soon, though, I promise!

Thank you so much for all your prayers during my journey to the States. What a very blessed and VERY appreciated one it was!

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Stacy said...

in the name of JESUS that car is fixed. Lord help Pastor Jerry get that part in YOUR name!!!