There is so much good going on right now that I have to share some of it! One of the exciting things happening is the amount of prayer time I am getting with other missionaries at the mission now. While at home in the States for a little while, this was something God really put on my heart, just the need to join together more with others in prayer. When I returned and shared this with a few of the other missionaries, I discovered that the Lord had put the same thing on their hearts, and we knew this was something we definitely needed to do.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been meeting with Matt and Kelly, our youth and children's pastors, every Friday to pray specifically for our teenagers. I think this has helped each of us to tune our hearts to what God wants to do among the teens. And we've already been seeing answers to prayer! In addition to this time with them, all the missionaries here have been getting together on Tuesday nights to have coffee, share our hearts, and pray for each other. This time has been such a great blessing to each of us and has helped to strengthen our little community here. I love it!

Tonight I started up Bible study with the girls again and although it was a smaller group than I hoped for, the ones that came are really hungry for the Lord. We had a beautiful time together, sharing our hearts and praying, and worshipping together. I was so proud of them for honestly sharing their hearts tonight. They were vulnerable with each other and were not afraid to ask for prayer where needed. I have a good feeling about things right now and am looking forward to Bible study next week!

As an added blessing, today my internet was fixed at home!! After almost three months of having to walk back and forth to the office each evening, this is a HUGE blessing! Things also seem to be moving forward with my vehicle. Pastor Jerry helped me find the part we (hopefully) need and I am working on ordering it from Japan. After it gets here, I am hoping it will be easy to install and that my car will be back in service. I'm praying hard!


Its just me said...

God is so good! I think He may be calling a lot of us into a season of prayer. I have found that to be true in my life also. My prayers are getting less superficial with the kids and I am being more honest with my prayers. Letting themknow whats on my heart so they are comfortable to pray whats on theirs. I really enjoy your blog. We leave for Zambia on July 2nd....cant wait.

Stephrs said...

Praise Jesus! God sanctifies us through and through while we wait for Him to show us His faithfulness, in the big and the small. I love you!