One of the everyday things I took for granted (as referenced in the previous post) is radio. I don't really have access to radio stations here, so I just rely on my iPod (which I am incredibly thankful for!)

I've kind of been itching for some new music lately. Any suggestions? I'm kind of feeling out of the loop lately. Any new artist or album that you particularly recommend?


Anonymous said...

Have you heard Revelation Song by Kari Jobe?


JD said...

Here are a few suggestions:

Anything by Jason Upton. But specifically his album "Between earth and sky" is amazing and i think would minister to you. There is another song called Psalm 23 on Jacob's dream which i think you would really get a lot from.

Kristene Muelle, her album, Those Who Dream is awesome, specifically her songs: Trust, All My Devotion, and St. Francis. "St. Francis" is a prayer for San Fransisco. Powerful powerful song. I cried like a baby the first time i heard it.

Jeremy Riddle's album, Full Attention is phenomenal. I listened to it a hundred times and didn't get tired of it.

Anything by Rita Springer - amazing worship, specifically for women.

Anonymous said...

Hey! So when I was there I used to use ITunes Radio and streamline stations. I know your internet is probably not the best in the dorms, but its worth a try. There are many good Christian ones. I used to do it from my office, and it would work sometimes. hehehe Try the lowest freq. number ones...they work the best.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the great suggestions!

susan said...

this isn't new, but i recently downloaded sing over me: worship songs and lullabies. it's great for worship/journaling.

also, restoration by david brymer, glorious day by jeff johnson, and you are the light by nick gainey

lastly, i am in love with "run to you" by lady antebellum (country) and falling slowly by glen hansard and marketa irglova (although kris allen-american idol winner-covered it too.)