Updates from Home

Sorry for my blog absence! I have been having such a wonderful time at home, though. I totally loved my time with my family and just having the opportunity to rest. I also was able to meet up with two friends from high school who I haven't seen in at least fifteen years! I got a lot of shopping in and got all caught up with American Idol. (Thank you Elizabeth!)

Another one of the highlights from my time in Seminole was getting to visit a precious group of kids at one of the churches in town. The girls belong to a group called GA, which means Girls in Action, which has a focus on missions. Last year this group sent me a packet of sweet letters and cards that really encouraged me. When one of their leaders, Michelle, found out I was in town, she invited me to come and share with the girls and boys that meet on Wednesday nights. I had a wonderful time talking to them about Botswana, answering all their questions, and receiving all their hugs!

I arrived in Austin on Sunday and I've already been so blessed with my time here. Last night I went to my church, which is definitely one of the things I miss the most. The sermon was a great one about dealing with times of pain and suffering in our lives and allowing God to use those times for our good. Really, such a great sermon. Please go here to listen to it when you have some time. (Also, my friend Emily wrote about it beautifully here.)

After church I had so much fun seeing people, getting lots of hugs, and catching up on the latest. I then enjoyed some sweet time with friends for dinner and coffee. (Only my first day in Austin, and I already went to Dominican Joe twice! What can I say, though...I love it!)

The rest of the week should be a wonderful week of fellowship as I meet up with several different friends and just enjoy being in Austin for a few days. I love this city and soak up any time I'm able to be here. Stacy and I will board our plane Friday evening to head back to Botswana to begin our fun vacation!

I haven't taken many pictures this trip at all, but here are a few:
I loved getting to see Gary, Stacy, and Tshepiso!
Such a sweet baby girl
I hated having to say good-bye :(
Mom and I enjoying some yummy Rosa's Mexican food
My meal of choice: bean and cheese burrito with chips and salsa. Yum!!
A few of the girls in GAs that I was able to share with
Keri, Heather, Charlotte and I on our Freebirds dinner date. I love these girls!


Honea Household said...

Girl, I cannot believe it's already time for you to go back! I still haven't gotten you those journals! What to do???

I'm glad you've enjoyed your time at home though.

emily said...

again...loved loved LOVED seeing you!