I feel like I need to post an update to yesterday's post. Friday evening was a really tough one around boarding. We caught a bunch of the teenagers in a big deception and caught a few of them even stealing. When confronted, not one of them showed any remorse. Instead we were answered with a massive amount of disrespect, eye rolling, etc. On Saturday morning we gathered all of the boarders together and had a huge meeting with them. Part of the meeting was allowing them to share their opinions and grievances. I left there feeling totally dejected and hopeless. My heart totally breaks for how things are going right now with the boarders. I know that God has called me here to pour into these young people's lives and disciple them in the Lord, but it seems like I am faced with such a huge challenge this year with so many of them having such hardened hearts.

Thankfully, later in the day, two of my sweet girls came in to check on me and assure me that not all of the boarders felt the way a few of them expressed at the meeting. They thanked me for being there for them and reminded me that this is mostly because of spiritual opposition and that I should stand firm and know the Lord is about to do something great. Such wisdom from these girls! God really blessed and encouraged me with our conversation.

Afterwards, we had our Saturday Bible study, which I moved to the afternoon instead of the morning. Can I tell you how amazed I was when two of the young ladies who'd been complaining the most walked in to Bible study?? One of them also gave me a note expressing total remorse and asking for forgiveness. Our time in in the Word was sweet as we studied Colossians 3, and God really encouraged my spirit. I remembered the wise words offered to me earlier from my two sweet girls that this is a spiritual battle and if we will just join together and pray, God can turn things around.

Praise God that He has not left us alone, that He does not call the equipped, but equips the called, He gives us the needed words when we need them, and in our weaknesses, He is strong. Please keep praying for these teenagers, especially as they go home for the next month. I pray that God will work in their hearts greatly and the second term will be one of total revival. I still believe great things are to come!


Stacy said...

i am so sorry for you having to feel dejected and kind of broken about all of this. praise God for even the smallest of blessings He provides for you thru your lovely girls. awesome. i will pray for a better second semester for all of you. and guess what??? you will be home in a week...yay!!

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing your brokenness and struggles in this trial with the boarders! I will definitely be praying for you, that the Spirit would give you supernatural confidence, insightful wisdom in how to approach issues with the boarders, and patience that is far beyond what our flesh can muster! I'm glad that He encouraged you through some of the girls you are pouring your life into!

Andrea said...

Thanks, guys. It's been a challenge, but God uses challenges to strengthen us, right? I believe there will be a turn-around soon. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Rebecca Clark said...


I can't tell you how much you sharing this means to me on a personal note. As you know, I have several teenager that bless my life. Your insights and sweet reminders of God's wonderful plan has helped so much when the challenges arise. Thank God for you and the blessing you pour out. I hope I get to see you while you are back in the states. You continue to be in our families prayers. Love you always.


Andrea said...

Thank you so much, sweet Rebecca. You have encouraged me!
I miss you and do hope we are able to see each other soon!