Ahhh....home :)

So, I've now been here in America for three days and I have to say...I'm loving it!!

The trip started out great by me getting to fly with Megan from Johannesburg to Washington D.C. We had a lot of fun shopping together at the airport and then enduring the icky, 18-hour flight together. Although terribly long, the flight is much more fun with a friend!

On the flight from D.C. to Dallas I was able to sit next to a soldier who's home temporarily from Afghanistan. We shared "living away from home" stories and talked military talk. I am so, so proud of our soldiers!

My time in Dallas began with my sweet friend, Susan, picking me up at the airport and taking me out for a yummy lunch. Both the food and the company were great blessings! I love Susan's heart for the Lord and for missions, and just spending some time talking with her really encouraged my spirit. (Thank you, Susan!!)

I then met up with my wonderful friend, Kelli, for some girl time and Starbucks! Kelli has been an amazing friend to me through all the stages of God getting me to Botswana. I love that we share a heart for Jesus, Africa, and kids...and coffee! :) It was also so special to have her meet Gary and Stacy. It was like two of my worlds colliding as they met each other. I loved it!

My time with Gary, Stacy, and Tshepiso was an incredible blessing to me in so many ways. Gosh, I miss those guys! We were able to spend time catching up, laughing, worshipping and praying together, and just enjoying each other's company. While living life together in Botswana last year, we became more than friends and co-ministers; we really became family. I'm so proud of them and thank the Lord daily for putting them in my life.

Now I am beginning my time with my family, and I've already enjoyed spending time with my mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law, and grandparents, who are also here visiting. I am so looking forward to time with all of them and time to rest. I also am looking forward to some major time with the Lord, trying to refocus and get prepared for the rest of this year. He's already speaking things to my heart and I expect that He'll do a lot more of that during the next couple of weeks.

Thank you so much for your prayers for safe travel. It really is so good to be home!


Heather said...

YAY!!! Can't wait till you get to Austin! Give me a call when you get here. :)

Speaking Soundly said...

Love the updates! :) So glad you're enjoying your time at home. :) Had I known you'd be flying into Dallas, I would've bombarded you at the airport! :) Have a wonderful Thursday!